compass ride 2020

In the absence of Herefordshire on the Edge 2020, the section launched a brand new navigational riding challenge - The Compass Ride - based on 20 locations in Herefordshire. Visiting the 4 compulsory (N.E.S.W.) points and twelve out of sixteen other locations will qualify entrants for a gold award (or 4 compulsories plus 8 for a ‘silver; or 6 for a ‘bronze’). Machines had to be at least 25 years old.

The route was opened from Sunday 5th July to Sunday 30th and August 2020, had to have been completed in one day by individual riders or small socially distanced groups, with at least one hour’s rest taken, and riding in compliance with the CoMOrg COVID Safe Rider guidelines current at the time.

It was a chance for riders to explore the County's N, S, E & Westerly points and lots of others in the middle.

There was no 'signing on' and no entry fee but if entrants wanted to seek sponsorship donations, they would be collected and given to St. Michael’s Hospice.

Locations were indicated using six figure OS map references, GPS coordinates and the new Google App “'Three simple words” Proof of passage was established by recording easily readable permanent written information which would be found at each point (but not so large as to be able to cheat using Google Streetview!!!!.

Photographs were used to prove start/finish/passage times and answers returned by Email and an appropriate sticker was sent out later to those qualifying for an award.

Entrants were encouraged to send in their stories for publication in the Newsletter. It was very disappointing that the event couldn’t cover Mid-Wales, but uncertainty about access to Welsh roads and restrictions on Welsh riders made it impossible. Perhaps if The Compass Ride is to become a permanent fixture in our calendar, with simultaneous event in Mid-Wales, with additional awards for people doing both events.