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Herefordshire on the Edge - Newsletter Issue 4 July 2021

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The first ever running of this unique event was in 2016 that give riders a chance to explore by motorcycle some remote and beautiful corners of one of Britain‘s most scenic, historic and least visited counties “Herefordshire on the Edge” would provide an enjoyable, non-competitive, long distance event, designed to challenge entrants’ riding and navigation skills and to test their machines over a wide range of surfaced roads. There were 24 waypoints spaced

at roughly 10 mile intervals around the border of Herefordshire. Riders planned and followed their route to visit as many of these points as they choose. The minimum distance to visit all 24 points was about 240 miles, Code boards or other easy to locate identifiers were displayed at each of the 24 points so that proof of passage could be established. Entrants could use any appropriate equipment to plan and follow their route (i.e. Satnavs were allowed) a bronze award. Those visiting cardinal points plus 8 others received a silver and those visiting 18 points, including the cardinal points received a gold. Entrants visiting all 24 points, could be very proud of their achievement.  

It was hoped that the event would attract riders from all over the UK to share our beautiful county so it was named and advertised “Herefordshire on the Edge as widely as possible.


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