(HOTE) 2024 - June 30th

(HOTE) Herefordshire on the Edge 2024 - Waypoints

Here is the waypoint schedule for Herefordshire on the Edge 2024.

  • It is in both Excel and PDF format.
    • The Excel version will allow you to “cut and paste” references
    • Some may be able to “cut and paste” from the PDF too, but your system may not allow this.
  • Before planning your route, please re-read the regulations – all the information you need is in there.
  • You will notice that some points are designated “RE” – this means they are “Ragged Edge” Waypoints
    • They are paired with a number without this prefix – these points are for those not attempting the “Ragged Edge”
    • You are welcome to plan and record visits to both these Waypoints, but only one of them will count towards your final medal score.
  • SATNAVS are allowed along with mobile phone apps
    • Our intention is to make the waypoints as easy to find as possible.
    • If you are in the right place, they will be easily visible from your motorcycle.
    • If you find yourself looking under benches, or worse still in someone’s garden – you are definitely in the wrong place!
  • All “Ragged Edge” points are sited on legal or permitted rights of way
    • They will normally be passable on ordinary motorcycles on road tyres
    • You do not need to be an off-road specialist or mounted on an off-road machine to ride these roads.
    • If there any issues created by extreme weather, you will be notified before the start
  • We have noticed that some of the satnav feeder programmes (e.g. My route App) contain errors and may direct you down non-existent roads. You should check your planned routes carefully.
    • If you are heading from waypoint 8 to Waypoint 27 you may be directed down a farm track and footpath heading SW from Perrystone estate farm  (OS sheet 149 625296  Lat & Long deciminutes 51.964188, -2.5484248). This is not a public right of way and ends in a footpath with stiles! Please do not attempt to take this route. We will place “NO ENTRY” signs at Perrystone.
  • Ordnance Survey maps are the definitive data source.
  • The better your route planning – the more enjoyable your day will be. Remember the 7”Ps”!

(HOTE) waypoint download (Excel)

(HOTE) waypoint download (pdf)