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Cwmpas Ride 2021 News

Cliff Osenton just completed the Cwmpas ride and tells us........"I completed all 32 checkpoints over x3 days with added camping on my old TT600 - all 640 miles. The ride was very demanding 260 miles on Wednesday, 230 Thursday & 150 Friday, with the first two days being 11 hours of riding & my bum had had enough by today. It really was a choicebetween pictures & completing the ride, pity as it was so scenic............" Thanks to Cliff for the words and pictures

Cwmpas Ride 2021 News

Henry Price and 3 friends have now visited half of the Cwmpas waypoints. They plan to finish off the job later in the summer. Looks like they picked a great day for it

cwmpas ride regulations 2021 issue 3
updated may 5th 2021

Cwmpas Ride Regulations Issue 3 Download

cwmpas ride waypoints 2021 issue 3
updated may 5th 2021

Page update May 12th Possible road closure
Waypoint 9 (see below)

On April 1st Ceredigion County Council placed an emergency road closure order on a section of the mountain road from Abergwesyn to Tregaron (marked in red on the map). “Cwmpas” waypoint 9 is on this section. The closure is for “Poor road surface conditions” and was originally just for 24 hours, but 6 weeks later the road closed notices remain at both ends of the road. Several of us have ridden the section and it Is easily passable on a motor cycle. It could be challenging in a car or a 3 wheeler. The damage is at the western end and after the YHA hostel (waypoint 9), so you could approach and leave from the Eastern end without a problem.

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Herefordshire Cwmpas Ride 2021 - Waypoints

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Herefordshire Compass Ride 2021 - Regulations

Compass Ride 2021 - Waypoints Issue 2

Compass Ride 2021 - Map

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